Class prejudice is psychologically the same structure as all prejudice, however, due to both population numbers and social mobility, contemporary class prejudice is a lot more subtle and difficult to define. Class is not as rigid as it was and it is also harder to identify unlike race, gender, and…

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, by Caspar David Friedrich

Living right near the sea and park I often get a strong sense that life is particularly captivating with the simplicity of enchantment. It feels like an incantation of something inspiring and unique.

It can be intensely interesting to simply observe the movement of life with great delight by looking…

When observing humanity we are attached to tribes, groups and dogma. Is this, however, the way to fulfillment? Our relationships are based on a prism through which the content of images are used for our security.

It is born out of the experience and knowledge of constant conflict and struggle. This dominates our thinking, and thus it reinforces numerous problems and divisions. Our perception comes from a mental prism, which is born out of a superficial culture of pretentious fear and reward.

When we are aware of this conditioned thinking we discover insights that brings about a profound change in our perception of life. The total transcendence of this prism then naturally manifests compassion and intelligence to life as it is.

The so-called unlearned does not know himself but does the learned person? Real understanding comes only through insightful observation, which is awareness of one’s thinking and feeling beyond information and knowledge.

Current education is about learning techniques for a job, which gives economic security. While this is obviously needed in…

James David Parker

James is a writer, speaker, educator, and public intellectual on international law, politics, social science, philosophy and conjuring.

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